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About DIFC Freezone

Not to confuse this area with Dubai International Financial Centre itself, this area is made up of several towers that operate under the DIFC trading jurisdiction. Many of the businesses and companies that tenant these towers feed into DIFC’s ecosystem and comprise of businesses such as insurance, legal, financial and consulting firms. Many of Dubai’s most architecturally iconic towers make up this  free zone.

Office towers such as  Index Tower with its 55 floors and distinct design,  Central Park with its peninsular tower and flawless aesthetics, and Liberty House with a mix of offices and luxurious apartments, all connect to the DIFC itself via  Gate Avenue and contribute to this bustling professional community. Reaching these busy professionals throughout their day is not an easy task, but with Elevision’s premium DooH network advertising your brand in Dubai allows you to be with them day in and day out as they make their personal and professional decisions.